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Kenny Slaught Discusses Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation And Their Programs

Every year, the event brings together established community members and students to debate the state of arts education in Santa Barbara. This helps with improving future programs, Kenny Slaught says. Other projects include gathering instruments for students who need them, grants for initiative…


Kenny Slaught On The Philosophy Of Giving In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s community is focused on giving back, with the help of civic officials and residents, says Kenny Slaught. The town has a strong tradition in nonprofit activities, which was started by the Santa Barbara Foundation in 1928. Today, it is continued by…


Kenny Slaught Celebrates Unique History Of Santa Barbara

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Spanish Colonial Revival movement was created in the US. This style comes from the Spanish colonies that became American cities later, and is often encountered in California. Santa Barbara adopted this style after the 1925…


Hoover Dam Through the Ages – Kenny Slaught

Hoover Dam has a rich history, explains Kenny Slaught. The project was constructed from 1931 to 1936, in the Great Depression era for a cost of $49 million. First named Boulder Dam, it was renamed to Hoover Dam to honor its main supporter,…