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Kenny Slaught Promotes Hospice Of Santa Barbara Via Blog

Experiencing anticipatory grief is hard to avoid when losing a close one, Kenny Slaught explains. However, the dedicated staff at Hospice of Santa Barbara strives to help those terminally ill ones and their families. This creates a peaceful environment for them to spend…


Kenny Slaught Works To Better Community For Struggling Youth

Terminally ill patients and their families receive support through Hospice of Santa Barbara’s programs. Several of these were created for kids who struggle with the loss of a parent. Almost 20 percent of kids lose a relative before 18, while one in 20…


Kenny Slaught Takes Investec Towards Long Term Success

Kenny Slaught, CEO of Investec Real Estate Companies, had managed his firm through the market fluctuations with great insight. He has been an important part of Southern California’s development sector for over 3 decades. His long experience enables him to recognize the nuances…


Kenny Slaught Urges PTSD Patients To Pursue EMDR

Many therapists at the Hospice of Santa Barbara started using EMDR in their treatment plans. This resulted in numerous clients experienced an improvement in their mood, which didn’t happen when attending talk therapy. While talk therapy is useful, EMDR helped clients who deal…


Kenny Slaught On Why Santa Barbara Is Architectural Mecca

Architect George Washington Smith created the Spanish Colonial revival style almost a century ago. Smith left Harvard to work as a bond trader, and relocated to Santa Barbara after becoming successful. But, he was surprised the locals loved the house he built and…


Kenny Slaught Throws Light On The Goals Of The Campaign

The restorations will be completed in 6 years, and during this period the museum will remain open. Kenny Slaught highlights the 4 main objectives of the campaign: increasing gallery and community space, providing a better museum experience, and focusing on the building’s essential…


Kenny Slaught Blogs For Hospice Of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services Program

Kenny Slaught, real estate expert, fully supports the many counseling programs offered by Hospice of Santa Barbara. These programs focus on aiding those who were faced with struggles and help them find joy again. He promotes the Hospice of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief…


Remunerations In The Service And Hospitality Industry Are Competitive – Kenny Slaught

Those who are looking for competitive salaries in a growing industry can look into the service and hospitality sector. By attending a program, students can improve their skills and become a top chef, manager, or hotel administrator. The SBCC provides a Culinary Arts…


Kenny Slaught On The Colonial Details In Santa Barbara’s Architecture

The buildings in Santa Barbara showcase its history, and connect to other cities that have a Hispanic style. For instance, the colonial style roofs are similar to the ones in Cartagena, Mompox or San Juan in Puerto Rico. Santa Barbara established new laws…


Kenny Slaught – Workflow Automation Services Benefitting Real Estate Industry

Kenny Slaught says that new apps allow builders and investors to easier locate more properties in various areas. The peer-to-peer projects in California started after the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act was adopted in 2012. The act gave funders more freedom to…