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Kenny Slaught – Thought Leader Blogging For A Good Cause

Kenny Slaught, influential thought leader, business strategist and property investor, is committed to helping individuals and groups in need throughout Santa Barbara. In keeping with his life’s work as a respected, he has promoted the many community-centric initiatives at the Hospice of Santa…


Kenny Slaught Works To Better Community For Struggling Youth

Hospice of Santa Barbara runs a wide range of support not just to individuals facing terminal and chronic illness, but to their families as well. Many of the Hospice’s programs focus on the needs of children as they work through the impending or…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Benefits Of I Have A Friend Program

Children suffering a painful loss can feel paralyzed and overwhelmed. Many children in this situation may become unruly, with teens undertaking risky behaviors including self-medication or self-mutilation. Kenny Slaught notes that the I Have a Friend program shows them that there is an…


Kenny Slaught Seeks To Raise Awareness Of Youth Mentor Services

Kenny Slaught, a real estate investor, a long-time supporter of Hospice of Santa Barbara’s I Have a Friend Mentor Program. Slaught, seeking to raise awareness, has recently promoted the program on his blog at Read more:


Kenny Slaught Discusses Option For Children To Process Grief

When children suffer the loss of a parent, they often feel that their lives cannot again be the same. They may feel lost and abandoned. Kenny Slaught notes that, “The I Have a Friend mentor program allows these young people to share their…