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Non-Profits Crucial To Thriving Santa Barbara, Says Kenny Slaught

Santa Barbara’s exceptional community maintains a deep commitment, upheld by the county’s civic leaders, business professionals, and residents. Kenny Slaught notes that the city’s deep tradition of nonprofit activity and generous giving can be seen today through numerous charities, volunteer organizations and community…


Slaught Offers Insight On Real Estate Market

Some factors influencing the current situation are particularly Californian in nature, and can be traced back to a general lack of available land in desirable locations. The cost of undeveloped land is prohibitively high, particularly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.…


Kenny Slaught – Discusses Preservation of Spanish Colonial Architecture in Santa Barbara

Almost 100 years ago, famous architect George Washington Smith, inspired the California movement called the Spanish Colonial revival. He was a man who dropped out of Harvard and ultimately worked as a bond trader. Once a successful businessman, he moved to Santa Barbara…


Kenny Slaught Promotes Hospice Of Santa Barbara Via Blog

Kenny Slaught believes that both individuals facing death and their loved ones must deal with the anticipatory grief as the unavoidable draws near. He cites an unmatched level of professionalism and compassion that the dedicated staff at Hospice of Santa Barbara have demonstrated…


Kenny Slaught Encourages Support For Hospice Of Santa Barbara’s Endeavors

Influential business strategist and real estate investor, Kenny Slaught has committed himself to helping less fortunate citizens and groups throughout his community. In keeping with a long-time philosophy of being a leading, he advocates for the Hospice of Santa Barbara and one of…