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Kenny Slaught On Effect Of JOBS Act on California Real Estate

Kenny Slaught, the owner of one of the most successful property management enterprises in Santa Barbara, notes that new intuitive software and mobile applications give investors and builders a greater selection of lending and borrowing opportunities across a variety of real estate asset…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Evolution Of Property Management Sector

Technological development has modernized America’s real estate industry, giving the property management sector the means to be more efficient and profitable. Platforms which offer numerous online collaboration opportunities and –most importantly –automated workflow are increasing in popularity, in large part due to their…


Kenny Slaught – Discusses Preservation of Spanish Colonial Architecture in Santa Barbara

Almost 100 years ago, famous architect George Washington Smith, inspired the California movement called the Spanish Colonial revival. He was a man who dropped out of Harvard and ultimately worked as a bond trader. Once a successful businessman, he moved to Santa Barbara…