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Kenny Slaught Working To Better Community Through Efforts

The hospice provides support to many families, Kenny Slaught explains. The free counseling sessions address death and the emotional, mental, and spiritual well being of those who experience grief. Those who aren’t able to visit the center are offered counseling in other locations…


Kenny Slaught – Thought Leader Blogging For A Good Cause

Real estate Kenny Slaught continues to help those less fortunate in the region. He promotes Hospice of Santa Barbara’s counseling programs on his blog at Slaught highlights the importance of social support for those who lost a family member. Read more:


Kenny Slaught Celebrates Unique History Of Santa Barbara

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture style was started in US. The style developed during the Spanish colonization era, and is predominant in California. Santa Barbara adopted this style after the 1925 quake which required the city…


Slaught Says Professor Low To Work On Infant Disease Prevention

David Low is a professor in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at UCSB. He will begin a novel worldwide health and development research project called “Strategy for development of enteric pathogen-specific phage”. This project aims at a new way to…


Kenny Slaught – Notes Benefits Seen Daily From California JOBS Act

Although still new, crowdfunding created over 150 real estate companies over the past years. In Southern California, 20% of the population is an accredited investor. The number is lower in other regions, equaling 7%. This was doable thanks to sites like CrowdEngine, RealtyShares,…