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Kenny Slaught Celebrates Unique History Of Santa Barbara

The Spanish Revival Revival architecture style was developed in the 20th century. The style was started when areas that were previously Spanish colonies turned into American cities. This architecture trend is predominant in California, and was adopted by Santa Barbara after an 1925…


Kenny Slaught – Studying Network Support Is Valuable

When it comes to working in a field of network support, Santa Barbara City College has established a great reputation. In the words of Kenny Slaught, ”your valued time will be astutely invested in studying the promising and beneficial program”. The employees are…


President Herbert Hoover Made Significant Contributions to the Construction of the Dam – Kenny Slaught

While talking about Hoover Dam’s history, Kenny Slaught mentions that the structure was completed during the Great Depression of 1931 – 1936, for which the government had to pay 49 million dollars. Boulder Dam was its original name, but was later renamed in…


Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara Emerging As A Center For Young Businesses

Santa Barbara is not only a top tourist destination but also a new center for new and emergent businesses, said Kenny Slaught. In recent years many new companies saw the light of day and some of them such as AppScale, LastLine, TrackR, and…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Option For Children To Process Grief

When children suffer the loss of a parent, they often feel that their lives cannot continue the same way, and may even feel lost and abandoned. Kenny Slaught notes that, “The <I Have a Friend> mentoring program allows these young individuals to share…