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Kenny Slaught Discusses Benefits Of I Have A Friend Program

Many children who suffer a loss find relief in self-medication or self-mutilation, Kenny Slaught notes. The I Have a Friend program offers a better way to deal with these feelings, by showing the possibility of a happy future. The volunteers help kids by…


Kenny Slaught Supports Girls Rock Initiative

In 2015, the Girls Rock Santa Barbara program was sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation. Kenny Slaught, who understands music is a way of empowering young girls, recognizes the foundation’s mission to help kids become more confident and creative. The kids are…


Kenny Slaught On Why Santa Barbara Is Architectural Mecca

The Spanish Revival architecture style was started by George Washington Smith in the early 20th century. Smith left Harvard to work as a bond trader, and returned to Santa Barbara later on to pursue his painting interests. However, after receiving recognition for his…


Kenny Slaught On Lending And Borrowing Opportunities In California

Thanks to the ability to provide correct data and information, platforms that offer workflow computerization and online collaborations are becoming more trendy. Real estate Kenny Slaught believes that mobile apps and intuitive software allow builders and investors to have a broader reach when…