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Kenny Slaught – Studying Network Support Is Valuable

Santa Barbara City College has developed an unparalleled reputation when it comes to training professionals who work in the space of network support. According to Kenny Slaught, “your valued time will be astutely invested studying this promising and beneficial program.” Network engineers work…


Kenny Slaught On California’s Unique Factors Affecting Real Estate Market

A number of the major influences on the current market are particularly Californian in nature, and can be traced back to a general scarcity of land in desirable areas. The costs for undeveloped land are prohibitively high, most notably within the Los Angeles…


Kenny Slaught Takes Investec Towards Long Term Success

Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught’s company, boldly guides his investment, management, and development firm through the market’s often unpredictable cycles with great success. Slaught has been a key figure in the Southern California residential, commercial and industrial property scenes for more than…


Kenny Slaught On The Philosophy Of Giving In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara’s amazing community-driven attitude is a result of the commitment to charity by the civic officials, entrepreneurs and inhabitants as per Kenny Slaught. The city’s solid tradition of nonprofit activity and comprehensive giving is made possible through numerous charities, volunteer groups and…